Michael Fisher lands on Nokia Chronicles

Nokia Chronicles podcast is richer for another Nokia loving dude, and this week the special guest was the one and only, Michael Fisher. If you are a smartphone geek or heavy user, you probably followed Michael on Pocketnow and today on Youtube as Mr Mobile, where he is doing great reviews and some interesting old phone series. He is in love with foldable and flip phones and is also known to cherish a good memory of some old Nokia devices.

He talked about his early days, best tech events, how he runs his business, gave his thoughts on the unannounced Nokia N95 done by HMD and listed five best Nokia phones he had a chance to own. Unfortunately, Nokia was always having problems coming to the US market which is why just a handful of tech journalists are talking of it.

I didn’t know that Michael owns a fully functional Nokia N76 which is dressed as a proper old Star Trek Communicator.

Nokia N76 – Photo from Engadget

This was a nice episode that Adrian and Justin did and enjoy the 50 minutes with Mr Mobile that pretends for the best intro and closure of the podcast 🙂 You know what to do, just click on the image below and charge up your earbuds.