Nokia 7 Plus getting MR update in April, and maybe there is one for 6.1 too

Android 10 put some life to our Nokia 7 Plus, and the phone is working well, except for some minor bugs. I noticed that with some apps the loudspeaker is not working well, and that bug together with a few more are going to be fixed in Maintenance Release that is coming in the middle of April. According to AniketThakur from Nokia community, the early version of MR update is already being tested, and it is bringing the fixes for the following bugs:

  1. Audio bug in 3rd party apps fixed
  2. Gcam works fines
  3. Equalizer works on Spotify & Gaana
  4. I didn’t have screen freezing after 10 update so I can’t say anything about it.
  5. Gestures don’t work with 3td party launcher (Google is to blame)
  6. Screenshots

According to some other Nokia Community members, the MR update should be available for all of SDM_660 series phones, or Nokia 6.1 Plus, Nokia 6.1, Nokia 7.1 together with the 7 Plus.

Nokia 6.1 really needs the update since that phone suffered the most after the Android 10 update. Users of this phone have been posting previously on various communities and social networks that the phone feels buggy with the Android 10, and one of the biggest issues is the problem with two equalizer apps running in the background as seen in the screenshot.

The frustration among the users of 6.1 is great, and the information that Nokia Mobile is planning to release the fixes in April is coming as a relief. I remember the bugginess of Nokia 7.2 before the latest big update, which came as a breath of fresh air.

have you notices some bugs on your Nokia smartphone? Do list them down in the comments. 

Cheers to NokiaMob Lover and all the others for the tips 😉


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