#Nokia 6, an original Nokia design or not?

HMD has just unveiled Nokia 6 which is the first Nokia branded smartphone after few years that will be exclusively sold at China. All around the web we could find different opinions regard this smartphone, or to be explicit, is it real Nokia or just another same looking smartphone among many Chinese brands.

Well, first of all Nokia logo is something that is differentiating this phone, and specs also, but is there more than just famous and familiar logo stamped (carved) on aluminum casing and glass front?


If you look at it closely, curved 2.5D glass gives it a familiar Samsung look, but if you remember Nokia Lumia 930, it had the pretty much similar look long before Samsung Galaxy models. Even the shape of the front and side of Nokia 6 reminds a lot of Lumia 930 (not so much of Lumia 830 though). Aluminum shell of Nokia 6 and pretty much the same aluminum side of Lumia 930 is what connects them, and for sure designers might have thought about that particular model while designing the Nokia 6.

If we look at the back, the shape of camera module and position of Nokia logo remind much of Nokia Lumia 620, the smallest Lumia ever, and one of the most beautiful ones that shaped the later Lumia models (630 and 640 minus the curves).

So, it is a combination of the previous Nokia devices designs plus some new lines as expected with something new that is coming. I would love to hear your opinion regarding the design. Do you love it, would you like to see the same shape for global version of the similar device?