Huawei doing the same Nokia did, but is Nokia ecosystem gone?

Huawei had an event today where not only the astonishingly good P40 series phones got announced, but rather a whole ecosystem of products. New phones represent the best that today’s smartphone technology can offer, not only in build quality but in the amount of hardware and software features they are offering to the users. Huawei made a supreme cameraphone with a super large sensor that has some familiar software capabilities that I have seen somewhere before. But, let’s go on.

New smartwatches are being presented, even new super smart and powerful wireless speakers shown to the world. There is also a new ecosystem of products that are connected with each other over mobile services that are using networking technology Huawei is developing. You can connect Huawei PC’s, tablets, smartphones, TV sets, watches, and there is also an app store that is uniting developers around the world.

I think that now you could be also aware of where I saw that before. All this was Nokia some 8 to 6 years ago. Nokia had the ecosystem of products, great software, even better imaging apps that were run on innovative hardware for that time. There were some great speakers like JBL PlayUp or 360, headphones, music apps like MixRadio and other apps that gave us the idea of a complete ecosystem.

But, if we go a bit back, some will remember that Nokia used to have its own large announcing events like Nokia World, and even further back we saw a 3G laptop, a BT keyboard, and many more things that remind us of Huawei today. Some might say that Huawei is mimicking Nokia, and maybe they are, but Huawei deserves to do it since Nokia was the best and now is Huawei at its top. They have powerful networking business, smartphone and computer business, and re offering a complete set of products to its consumers.
But, if we see how are things evolving with Nokia today, it is not hard to imagine that it would be quite easy to achieve what Huawei did today. Nokia is doing OK in the networking business, and Nokia Mobile is still alive and kicking with some new devices and accessories that look promising. Nokia is back in the TV business and there are some nice beacons making home’s WiFi a better network. The only thing missing is some software platform or a hub to unite them all, and of course a global availability.

Nokia is out of the consumer market, but some companies are willing to make good products under Nokia’s name, and that makes us hope that the full Nokia ecosystem is still achievable. Only the GT 2 like watch is missing, and maybe a tablet, but Nokia Mobile can do that too. Just one model, nothing else.
I know that this post is fueled a bit by emotion, and that is a powerful thing, but so is Nokia as a brand.
Any thoughts by you, dear folks? Is there a chance for a connection?