Nokia plans to close the R&D department in the Philippines.

Nokia announced that it is planning to close the R&D department situated in the Nokia Technology Center in Manilla, Philippines till the end of this year.

While Nokia stated not so long ago that the current cost savings plan will affect the headcounts around the world, the closure of this department came out of nowhere. The managers found out an hour before the decision was announced publicly in the middle of January. The main reason for this is the current hard conditions in the Asian market, and Nokia thinks that the conditions will stay like that for a longer period. They also stated that R&D departments are going to be consolidated and organized in fewer locations to increase productivity. This was hard for 700 IT professionals and administrative staff working in the facility that was created back in 2010. All of them were surprised by the decision that came out of nowhere. They will continue working on their current jobs, which is software development for the 4G and 5G networks, and be leaving the company in September.
If we add 180 jobs that are going to be cut in Finland, the number is already up to 880 which more than the number of people currently working for HMD Global.


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