Nokia 7.2 didn’t shine at the DXOMark audio review

After doing the camera review, DXOMark did the audio review of the Nokia 7.2. This nicely designed midrange device scored only 42 points, and mostly because of the lower quality sound reproduction. DXOMark stated that the single mono speaker can’t offer a nice audio reproduction and gave the 7.2 just 33 points for the playback test. Since 7.2 does have a 3.5 mm headphones jack, two microphones with a possibility to do spatial audio capture (thanks to OZO Audio), the recording test scored double the points of the playback test.

I must say that Nokia 7.2 does record a nice sound, but the reproduction, although clear, lacks some deeper sounds. Anyway, for the price range, 7.2 is doing a great job and listening to music through the loudspeaker is not cool :). How are your experiences with the audio capabilities of Nokia 7.2?

Do read the full review at DXOMark pages.

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