HERE partners with Nokia to make base station installation easier for operators

HERE, previously a division inside Nokia and now jointly owned by several automotive and tech companies, announced Geodata Models to help operator in easier and faster network planning and base station deployment.

HERE Geodata Models is a precise digital representation of buildings, trees and other objects surrounding 5G base stations. The models will allow network planners to see and test the surrounding in a digital environment before deploying 5G gear. Because 5G operates on higher frequency that has shorter signal radius, operators will need to install more 5G cells compared to the number of 4G cells, which makes the process of planning even more important.

Nokia and Kinetica will be some of the companies that will integrate HERE’s Geodata Models in their process of network planning and I am sure more will follow soon. You can read in detail about HERE’s work in the official press release here.

Thanks NokiaMob lover for the tip. 🙂

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