Hands on video of the Nokia X6 (Nokibar)

Nokibar got his hands on the Nokia X6 and did a Hands-On video of the device. Let me tell you that he is speaking in Chinese and there aren’t any subtitles, so you can lower the volume if you are not learning or practicing Chinese. He started his video with the possible connection of X6 with the Nokia X series device from the period of 2009-2011, but this phone just represents a modification to the existing 6.1 and could actually be rather successful in the Chinese market, mostly because of the competitive pricing. In the rest of the world, the price of Nokia X6 would probably be much higher than the price of 6.1 so it maybe wouldn’t be such a success.

He later compared the device with Nokia 6.1, 8 Sirocco, white Nokia 3 and Microsoft Lumia 650, where I noticed some similarities in the design.
I must say that I don’t like the back of the device. It feels kind of empty, and the front is much more attractive, even with the notch.

Check out the video below:

The phone does feel snappy thanks to the Snapdragon 636, and latest camera software will improve the user experience of the phone. If HMD really decides to bring Nokia X6 to the rest of the world, with the same price as in China, it could mean the end of Nokia 6.1 sales, since the X6 is a more competent phone with bigger screen, better processor and improved camera and design.

That Nokibar is a huge Nokia fan, he showed by inserting the video from Nokia World 2009 that was held in Stuttgart, and he also inserted some clips of many legendary Nokia smartphones. Oh man, I really loved Nokia World events and enjoyed watching it so I could get a glimpse of new Nokia devices and services. And there were many.