AOSMark dropped Nokia on 8th place on the OS updates frequency list

AOSMark is a site that scores manufacturers based on the frequency of the latest Android updates released to their phones. The score is an average based on the update releases in the past, and it is updated during the year. Nokia as a mobile phone brand was quite high on the AOSMark list, actually held third place. That was mostly because of Nokia Mobile’s moto that guarantees Nokia devices to be pure, secure, and up to date. That was the case until the Android 10 came, and when the number of operational Nokia models grew more than 20. AOSMark released the latest version of its list, and Nokia is now in 8th place with score 1.3. We know that only Nokia 8.1 received the Android 10 update, but that is soon going to change when Nokia Mobile starts releasing the Android 10 to other phones. We can expect the score to go back to 2.0, and Nokia to hold once again the third place.

The list of the most updated device has a Nokia 3 (2017) and Nokia 6 (2017) at the top of the 20 most updated phones list. Those phones have 4 OS updates, same as Google Pixel phones and One Plus phones.

Thx Oskar for the tip 😉