Ethisphere: Nokia is the most ethical company in the world

Ethisphere, the company that takes care of defining and advancing the standards of ethical business practices, released the list of World’s Most Ethical Companies for the year 2020. Nokia was named the most ethical company for the third consecutive year since 2018. This recognition marks the fourth time Nokia was on the list. The Finns are one among three telco companies and the only Finnish company that has been honored.
Nokia is investing a lot of effort to improve ethical behavior at all levels of the business, and it is promoting high standards of corporate governance.
I don’t know how it is to work for Nokia, but I know that it is rather pleasant to work with them. All the Nokians I meet were generally kind, correct and helpful, and it is good to know that Nokia is making an effort to spread that kind of behavior in the business.

Interesting thing about this list is that Irish company Accenture, better known as the grave for Symbian, is also honoree for the most ethical company :). Check the list here.

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