The Chinese embassy in France expresses concerns about  Nokia and Ericsson over Huawei

Nokia winning the 5G deal with the French operator Orange might have triggered an alarm in the Chinese embassy in France. They posted a huge statement on their official webpage, which is actually a warning sent to the French government to stop avoiding Huawei and its equipment in the deployment of 5G across France. Chinese embassy expressed their concern because many 5G deals are given to the European telco companies, namely Nokia and Ericsson. The Chinese later stated that they always gave fair treatment to Nokia and Ericsson in the 5G businesses done in China and that they wouldn’t like to see them being treated as Huawei is in France and most of the EU countries.

This is actually the first time that the Chinese government directly mentioned Nokia and Ericsson and officially threatened their 5G networking business done with the Chinese operators. While I understand the concern of the Chinese government about their largest networking company, this threat doesn’t leave a good impression on Huawei being independent. One thing is certain here. Nokia and Ericsson need those deals to cover their expenses, and the earnings will keep them improving the future of the networking business. However, it is always good to have Huawei near buy, just to keep Nokia and Ericsson awake.

Source / Chinese Embassy in France

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