*Update*Deutsche Telecom needs Nokia to shape up but Bell Canada doesn’t care

Bell Canada (BCE) chose Nokia to be its first supplier of 5G networking hardware and software. The reason why BCE chose Nokia is that its equipment can work well with the hardware of other suppliers like Ericsson which makes Nokia a future proof solution. This is yet another great win for Nokia which shows it is clearly doing a good job. The financial report for Q4 and the last year also showed that, But, Deutsche Telecom (DT) apparently doesn’t agree with that. According to Reuters, DT told Nokia to shape up and improve its hardware and software if Finns want to continue doing business with them. The whole story is a bit strange because the article ends up explaining that DT and Nokia are long time partners, in the EU and USA, and that they will continue working together.

Nokia did have some problems with the chip design used for 5G, which was costlier but more flexible. Nokia did hire some extra workforce to solve those problems back in 2019, and in 2020 everything should be going as planned for them. More about this you can read in the post we wrote here and definitely check the great article from lightreading here about this problem.

*Update* – Nokia and DT published a joint comment on the Reuters article which you can read here.

Thanks Nokiamob Lover and Deadpool for the tips ?.


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