Nokia publishes Q4 2019 and full year financial results

Nokia Corporation published this morning the financial results for the fourth calendar quarter (Q4) of 2019 and for the full year of 2019.

The results are better than analysts expected. Nokia posted an adjusted earnings per share of EUR 0.15, compared to expectations of EUR 0.13.

Nokia’s revenue for Q4 2019 was €6.903 billion, with Nokia Networks being the only division posting year-on-year growth in revenue. The operating profit improved from €552 million in Q4 2018 to €803 million. For the full year of 2019, Nokia posted €23.315 billion in revenue, which is a growth of 3% compared to 2018. Nokia posted a profit of €18 million in 2019, compared to a €549 million loss in 2018.


Nokia also added a fact sheet and made a short video about the results that can be shared via social media.

In Q3 2019 results, Nokia announced that the company will stop dividend payout until Nokia’s cash position increases to €2 billion, which might not come before Q4 of 2020 according to Nokia’s outlook. Nokia smartphone licensee HMD Global was not mentioned in the results.

The stock market in Helsinki reacted positively on Nokia’s report.

You can find all the financial data here.