#Nokia 6 in silver/white/natural aluminum leaks again

When HMD Global officially announced the Nokia 6, we only saw the black version, and the question remained what happened to the silver version leaked in December last year. We firstly saw the silver D1C (Codename for Nokia 6) on images taken in a factory. We then saw only the back cover, then, but  a few days after the 6 officially launched, a white/silver version was spotted in TENAA’s database. Now first live pictures of the silver Nokia 6 surfaced on the web.

As we can see in the pictures above, this clearly is Nokia 6 in silver that was leaked late December, and registered in TENAA’s database. The silver version will probably be announced at MWC later this month, together with the black Nokia 6 for a global launch. Also, a webstore in Asia claimed to have Nokia 6 in white, what was later proven as a hoax.

Nokia N1 – Natural Aluminum, Lava Gray

The exact colour of the device still remains unclear, but the best bet is nor white or silver, but “natural aluminum”. When Nokia announced Nokia N1, its first Android tablet that was a test of strength for the Nokia brand in China and the new Nokia brand related business model, the device was available in two colours – Natural Aluminum and Lava Gray. The “Lava Gray” seems to be the colour of the black version of Nokia 6, while “Natural Aluminum” could be the white/silver version.

We will know more about this once the phone is officially announced at MWC this month.

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