Nokia 9 PureView is a best camera phone that nobody noticed ( TheArtofPhotography)

The Art of Photography did a nice and truthful review of the Nokia 9 Pureview. Maybe this review won’t interest you much since Nokia 9 PV is almost a year old, but it does sum up nicely its advantages and flaws that could be corrected in the next version of the device. In the video, you can hear that Nokia 9 PureView is one of the best camera phones of 2019, but it is full of problems like a small battery, lack of processing power, no wide-angle camera and no OIS. The reviewer also mentioned that 9 PV takes a huge amount of processing to stitch the photos in back processing, which might be a problem for those that want to use camera content quickly. Anyway, all the owners of 9PV might be interested in watching this review and give back their thoughts on whether the reviewer is right or not.

Cheers Deadpool for the tip ?