Nokia 9 PureView won’t get a Night Mode in the camera app

When Nokia 9 PureView came to the market, its penta camera setup was among other things a way to create great low light shots. After the first camera tests and photo comparisons, people saw that 9 PV camera isn’t so great in low light conditions. So, a propper Night Mode feature was a much-needed upgrade in the camera app. Well, that is not going to happen according to Juho Sarvikas.

The reason is in the software architecture of the camera, or the camera subsystem design. That doesn’t allow the creation of a Night Mode seen in other Nokia smartphones or fusing a low light algorithm with the rest of the app. Juho suggests the owners of 9PV should be shooting in .dng format and editing the shots later on in Lightroom.
Maybe the best night mode setting in Pro camera could be a better solution like some users suggested.

Anyway, Nokia 9 PureView isn’t the regular smartphone and it doesn’t have the regular camera setup. 9PV is intended for the photography enthusiasts that are usually post-processing the shots in Lightroom. On the other hand, I hope that the next version of a multi-camera approach on the Nokia flagship smartphone will be able to deliver a better low light shot.