Nokia and enterprise partners ready to utilise local 5G in Japan

Alongside building network for operators worldwide, Nokia has also been partnering with companies from different industries in implementing private wireless networks they can use in manufacturing or other operations. An example of private network is also Nokia’s mission critical gear, that also includes drones.

In Japan, at the end of this year the government will be releasing spectrum designated for companies and local governments, that is also called local 5G or private 5G in case of companies. Nokia already built a partnership eco-system with five big industrial companies that include “NS Solutions for factory IoT, Marubeni for global IoT, Internet Initiative Japan for Full MVNO, Equinix for multi-cloud and global data centers, and Hitachi Kokusai Electric for smart social infrastructure and smart cities with video solutions.”

Nokia’s move into private networks for industries will make the company less dependent on operators and their usual upgrade cycles, while industry players get to optimise their business processes, which leads to better end products for the consumers.