HMD launching latest Nokia phones in India on April 4

HMD is going to hold a special event in India, very much like the one held in CEE region where we were invited, to present latest Nokia phones for the Indian market. Indian market is historically important for Nokia, and thus for HMD. Nokia is still a very popular brand name there and attention HMD gives there will be appreciated for sure.
The event is scheduled for April 4th and HMD will unveil the prices and dates of arrival on the Indian market for its latest Nokia phones, except for Nokia 1, which is already available in India. The current price of HMD’s first Android GO phone is INR 5499 or approximately €68, which is, by the way, a competitive price.


Even though I would love to see new Nokia phones available simultaneously across the globe, it seems that HMD is still not capable of doing that. But, things are better than last year when we were waiting much longer for devices announced at MWC.

We can see that the phones are slowly getting all the certifications and government approvals. The last one that has passed FCC certification process is the TA-1055 or Nokia 7 Plus. I believe that everything should be ready by April when we can expect Nokia 8 Sirocco, Nokia 7 Plus, Nokia 6.1 available in stores on larger markets (hopefully smaller too).