Video: Rajeev Suri explains why Nokia

Nokia published a nice video where its CEO Rajeev Suri was explaining to the world why should someone choose Nokia. He briefly covered the history of the company and pointed out the five value drivers that are making Nokia stand out. Those value drivers are a well derived end-to-end portfolio, R&D employees, diversification of products especially software, sustainable patent licensing, and dedication in reducing the costs and increasing efficiency.
Check the video and find out why Nokia.

Suri didn’t mention specifically phones, Nokia WiFi, TV or commercial products that are also important in raising the awareness of the Nokia brand. But, Nokia is taking care of products that are marked with the Nokia logo. They are actively sharing info about Nokia TV or the latest Nokia 2.3 on social networks. I think that the occasional push of products that came out of the licensing agreement s a good way to boost sales. I would love to know more about how Nokia is involved in the process of licensing and how much control does it have in the manufacturing process.
Would you like to see real Nokia involved more in the story of brand licensing, or maybe it is smarter for the Finns not to get too involved?