Samsung’s 108MP camera sensor still smaller than the one on Nokia 808 PureView

Samsung Electronics recently officially announced the new ISOCELL Bright HMX camera sensor with a resolution of 108MP. The individual pixels are 0.8µm, making the sensor’s sizes 1/1.33-inch. The thing is, we already saw bigger sensors on mobile devices, and Damian Dinning, one of the creators of Nokia PureView technology, shared some of his views on the Samsung’s new 108MP sensor via Twitter.


As Mr. Dinning states, the iconic Nokia 808 PureView announced at MWC2012 has an around 24% larger sensor than the 108MP ISOCELL Bright HMX. The sensor size of Nokia 808’s camera is 1/1.2-inches, with 1.4µm pixel size. Samsung also claimed to be the first to announce a multi aperture phone, but that technology was featured on 2009 Nokia N86, with three apertures compared to two we initially saw on the Galaxy S9.


Another Twitter user mentioned that Nokia brought to market a lot of “industry first” features, like a built-in ND filter, lossless zoom, microphones with 140dB recording, etc.


I find it really interesting to see that the smartphone industry is again in a form of “pixel race”, with Samsung and Sony announcing high resolution sensors, with technology that operates really similar to Nokia’s oversampling, with the difference being that Nokia also used bigger sensors, alongside coming with a huge number of megapixels.

What do you think? Will the pixel race continue? Can we expect maybe even more MPs in smartphone cameras in the future? Leave a comment down below. 🙂