Comparison of portrait mode between Nokia 9 Pureview and iPhone 11 Pro (WillItBeatNokia )

YouTube channel WillItBeatNokia published another interesting video that includes two great camera smartphones and a Francisco Tárrega’s Gran Vals in the back. The main question of this video is if iPhone 11 can beat Nokia 9 PureView in a portrait mode.

A lot of photos taken in different light conditions were taken and after seeing the video, it looks like Nokia 9 PV camera creates sharper images, with more details shown and also has a better dynamic range. The bokeh mode works well on both devices even though you can see that both cameras have trouble creating a bokeh effect when the focus is set on tiny details like grass or pine leaves. Again, it is clearly shown that Nokia 9 PV camera struggles when the light conditions are not perfect.

Do check the video below.

The conclusion was that both phones have a different approach to the bokeh. iPhone tends to separate the object from the background, while Nokia’s bokeh tries to mimic DSLRs with gradual changes. Both bokeh modes are far from perfect but can create stunning photos.

This video also shows that Nokia 9 PureView camera needs to be updated since penta camera approach can create great shots and seems to be the way to further develop the smartphone photography.