Comparison of GCam and Nokia Camera app on Nokia 7.2 (Concept Creator)

Concept Creator, or the creator of wonderful renders and videos from unreleased Nokia phones, got his hands on Nokia 7.2.He did a nice video comparison of the stock camera application that Nokia 7.2 is coming with and the GCam app that you can download from XDA. He said that the contrast, color saturation, and light control are better on GCam than the Nokia Camera app while shooting at the daylight. There is also a lot of grain that the Nokia Camera creates most probably in post-production. Also, and what I noticed also while testing it, the photos created with the 7.2 stock camera tend to be overexposed a bit. The dynamic range is much better on the stock camera app than on the GCam that tends to raise the contrast a bit.
Night shots are definitely better with GCam than with the stock camera app. The photos maybe look unnatural but are sharper which is better than the washed-out look that the stock camera provides.

I must say that the GCam version is not without issues. That is expected since it is not built for Nokia 7.2. For daylight, the stock camera is quite OK, but for the night shots, the GCam is maybe a better solution.