Android 10 for Nokia 9 coming in early December, claims Nokia Mobile social media account

Nokia Mobile started delivering the Android 10 update for Nokia devices with the Nokia 8.1, that was the first Snapdragon 710 powered phone to receive the new version of Google’s OS. Nokia Mobile also said they will be first to deliver Android 10 on a Snapdragon 636 powered phone, like the Nokia 6.1 Plus or 6.2, as well.

If you ask why the SoC is important when talking about the updates, the answer is that the silicon provider also has a part to play in the update process. Nokia Mobile shared an inforgraphic in January of this year, showing that one of the first steps to update the device is to get the chipset vendor to support the new OS. That’s also sometimes the reason why some devices get the update before others.

The camera flagship Nokia 9 PureView is scheduled to get Android 10 sometime in Q4 2019, so by the end of the year. The official Instagram account of Nokia Mobile narrowed the release window to early December, in a response to an inquiry our reader Jason made (thanks for the screenshot :)).

We have to take the information from Nokia Mobile social accounts and support with a grain of salt regarding the questions about updates and features. I’m sure as we get closer to the end of the year, an exact start date of Android 10 release for Nokia 9 will be announced.