Nokia 7.2 bootloader can be (easily) unlocked *UPDATE*

Nokia Mobile has had conflicting views and actions in regard to bootloader unlocking on Nokia device. First, after receiving feedback from users, HMD Global decided to unlock the bootloader of Nokia devices one by one. After a year from that announcement, bootloader unlock was available for Nokia 8 and that’s it.

The latest released Nokia smartphone, the Nokia 7.2, comes with an unlockable bootloader. That discovery was made by TechMesto, where you can also find a guide on how to unlock the bootloader.

An unlocked bootloader allows the user to flash custom ROMs on the device. The Android community is really engaged in creating different ROMs and support as many devices as possible, but a prerequisite for that an unlockable bootloader.

The question is if HMD left the bootloader unlockable by mistake or the company is taking a new direction in their bootloader policy. The precise build on which this is available is Build 00WW_1_200, security patch – September 5th, 2019. We will see if the bootloader will stay unlockable or HMD will lock it down with a future update.

Update: In a statement to our inquiry, Nokia Mobile said that they will disable the bootloader unlock option on Nokia 6.2 and Nokia 7.2.