Nokia Mobile organizing a design meetup on 9th November, India

The Nokia Community always has been full of great ideas and concepts for Nokia devices, and Nokia Mobile is ready to listen. On November the 9th in New Delhi India, Nokia Mobile India is organizing a design meetup.

“Let’s talk” is new Nokia Mobile’s meetup series in which the company tries to engage with fans and get feedback about the current Nokia devices and maybe ideas for the future phones. The first topic for the “Let’s talk” series will be Design.

Our designers want to hear from you. That’s right, we want to know what you think about how we design our smartphones and what we can do better. We want your ideas about where smartphone design is heading, and what you would like to see in Nokia smartphones. In short, this is your chance to have a say in designing the future of Nokia smartphones.

Design is an important element of every smartphone, though today phones do look very much alike and when you use a case, it really becomes hard to recognize most devices. Nokia Mobile gathering ideas about the design and connecting with fans is a good thing, though I’m a bit skeptical how productive that could be considering design of phones is usually constrained by technology and particular requirements, and people outside the company don’t have an insight about that.


To get a chance to go the New Delhi design meetup on 9th November, you have to answer the question: “What is the true purpose of design? Tell us in your own words, drawing from experiences you may have had, or how you feel design should be“. To apply, you need to be over 18 years old and a resident in India. Nokia Mobile doesn’t cover any accommodation and travel cost for the meetup.

You can find more details about how to submit your entry and terms at Nokia Community Forum.