TATA Cliq lowered the price of Nokia 9 PureView

TATA Cliq lowered the price of Nokia 9 PureView at its webshop by 37%. The phone now costs ₹34994, which is around €452, or the lowest price currently of the 9 PV at the Indian market. This might also be the lowest price of 9 PV in the world since Amazon is selling the phone for approximately €550.

Nokia 9 PureView is currently the best Nokia phone that Nokia Mobile is offering, but the phone isn’t ideal. The hardware is a bit outdated for 2020, but it is still snappy, and currently one of the best mobile phone shooters for the camera enthusiasts. The five-camera system can provide some astonishing results that photography enthusiasts will appreciate, while the general smartphone users definitely won’t and will also find the phone slow.

If you don’t care about the specs and like to play with photoshop, then you could go for a Nokia 9 PureView. If not, wait for the new version that might be coming at the end of this year, or in Q1 2021.

Or, you could transfer the money spared and go get yourself a Nokia Smart TV with the JBL Sound system.



Cheers NokiaMob Lover for the tip ?