Watch the rise and fall of Symbian OS

After the nice video of the rise and fall of the Nokia brand, here is a sequel video that shows the mobile OS market share through the years. It all started back in 1999 with four very popular mobile operating systems, Palm, Windows Mobile, Symbian, and BlackBerry. Symbian started being popular in the year 2002, and the next year it was the most used OS in the mobile phone business. Everything started changing with the appearance of iOS and Android, but it took them a few years and a Burning Memo to take the Symbian down. We all know what happened next, and ow we have complete dominance of Android, iOS in second place, and interestingly KaiOS in third place with just above 4% of market share.

If by any chance you can’t see the post, here are some screenshots.

Symbian was a great operating system, yet definitely needed to be modernized. That was planned, but that doesn’t matter now since it is too late to discuss what should or could have been done. Anyway, the reality is that we have the Nokia brand back in the business, and hopefully it will stay there a next decade or more :).