Nokia 8 Sirocco and 2V receive October update, while the Oreo-based 2 gets the September patch

Nokia Mobile today released new updates for 9 Nokia smartphones. The Nokia 8.1 started receiving Android 10, while 7 other devices started receiving the latest security update from Google, with the Nokia 2 running Android Oreo getting the September patch.

Among the devices that received the October update are Nokia 6.1, 6.1 Plus, 7.1, 7 plus and 9 PureView. We can add to that list the 2018 flagship Nokia 8 Sirocco (via Nokioteca) and the Nokia 2V, available on Verizon Wireless (via VW support).

The two year old Nokia 2 that runs Android Oreo 8.1 received the late September update today. We have to distinguish two Nokia 2 groups of devices – one running Nougat and one running Oreo, because Nokia Mobile offered Oreo 8.1 as an optional update. The group running Nougat received the September update last month, while the Oreo-powered Nokia 2 devices started getting it today.