Nokia Mobile launching new James Bond promo video with Nokia XR20

The final James Bond movie with Daniel Craig as a 007 is set to be premiered on September 30th. This means that we will finally get to know the new Nokia phones featured in the No Time To Die movie, which Nokia Mobile sponsored. The main question is which phones are going to be launched before the movie premiers. Some new phones are getting ready to be announced since leaks are pouring from everywhere. There is most likely a new king of Nokia midrangers, Nokia G50, whose specs leaked several times, or Nokia X100, which could and should be the successor of Nokia 8.3 5G. Unfortunately, there isn’t much info about the X100

But, something tells me that we won’t be seeing new Nokia phones featured in the latest James Bond movie. That something is recently released a new version of the promo video “The only gadget you’ll ever need” starring Lashana Lynch, which was originally released in March 2020. In the original version, Lashana was using Nokia 5.3, later even Nokia 8.3, and now that phone has been replaced with Nokia XR20. This phone is more suitable for the field agent, but I expected something new. Anyways, some parts of the video were probably reshot, but mostly the phone has been replaced digitally and it doesn’t look well. Definitely looks better than the enlarged Nokia logon on Lumia 925 seen in Superman Man of Steel :).

To fill you up with some optimism, we still don’t know what phone will James Bond be using since I don’t think that Queen’s agent with the license to kill will settle with Nokia G50. I keep my fingers crossed to see Nokia X100 in his hands.

Check out the video.

Cheers Rocky for the tip 😉