Nokia announced Quillion chipset to connect more people on fixed networks

As long as I can remember, Nokia was always committed to connecting people, whether through mobile phones, or networks that make the flow of information possible. To make the connection even better, Nokia announced a new chipset named Quillion, specially designed for next-gen fiber and copper networks. The advantage that Quillion brings for the fiber network operator is faster switch on 10Gbs services and support for time-critical and low-latency 5G transport.

On the other side, operators that are still running the copper infrastructure will cherish the 50% smaller size of the rack and 10% lower power consumption. If you want to hear more technical details about the Quillion chipset, visit Nokia pages.
After launching the ReefShark, a new powerful chipset for mobile networks, Nokia announced a new chipset for fiber and copper solutions on the market. Here is the Nokia that we all remember from some previous times, a company that is investing in R&D to make a world more connected. Now, if the number of operators that are offering Beacons to its end users would increase, the world could be even better :).


Nokia Press