Software updates for Nokia phones now being done in Germany

HMD Global announced that it is planning of bringing Nokia brand back home, which means a certain relocation of its services back to Europe. According to numerous sources, the software team of Nokia Mobile working on security and other updates is now located in Ratingen, Germany. The offices of this new team are located in the ex-Nokia facilities, and the team is working on bringing all the security patches and software updates from Google. The team is doing almost all the tests needed for Nokia smartphones to be updated, but the regional adjustments are done by local teams across the world.

Thanks to the fact that Nokia smartphones are running Android One software platform, not many adjustments are needed, and it takes 17 days on average for the team to prepare the update.

It seems that software team is not the only one situated in Ratingen. Sebastian Ulrich, who is a Director Global Enterprise Business at HMD Global, and Andrej Sonkin, who is a general manager of Enterprise Business at HMD Global, also have offices there.

This kind of move, or similar future moves, will make the Nokia smartphone brand, which is run by Finnish startup HMD Global, look more European and back to roots. While generally, I don’t mind the usage of Android One, more hardware distinction would be useful for the Nokia smartphones to stand out and make them back to the Nokia roots.

Cheers Thomas Verbraken for the tip ?


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