Video: Unboxing of a Nokia 2720 Flip

While we are waiting for a review unit of Nokia 2720, check out one of the first unboxing videos I found on a YouTube. Video shows that 2720 Flip will be coming in a box similar to the one Nokia 3310 and Nokia 8110 4G came, with a clear plastic front. In the box, you’ll find WH-108 headphones, the same one that is coming with a Nokia 7.2, 1500 mAh BL-6V battery, 5V charger, and a quick manual. The unboxed black Nokia 2720 Flip is TA-1170 model that has Dual-SIM port.

The charger is a classic one for the feature phones that has wall mount on one side and a micro USB jack on the other. I must say that the device looks massive, or the YouTuber has small hands :).

Nokia 2720 Flip does look cool, especially that glossy back, and no doubt it will be hit among millennials. Without further ado, check out the nicely done unboxing video. The guy also did a hands on so enjoy watching your future feature phone.

You know what would be radical, the main (or internal) screen without bezels on 2720 Flip!