Nokia updated its WiFi app with some cool new features

Just recently I got RGB LED smart bulb that I could control over WiFi by its official app. I could schedule the light to turn on/off, change the color, or add it to Google assistant and control it by voice commands. When Nokia sent us a Beacon 3 for a review, I expected to be able to control my home WiFi network from outside the LAN by using the official Nokia WiFi app. The ability to check what devices are connected to my home network from distance is a nice feature since I could, for example, limit my son’s time on the internet by simply taking the tablet offline. Anyway, when I first set the Beacon, I couldn’t do the check outside the LAN, but with the latest update of Nokia WiFi, that feature is finally enabled and my son is in trouble :).
Nokia also added the support for some advanced network settings to the app like custom DNS, static IP address reservation, port forwarding, and UPnP enable/disable.

The app is still not speedy, but will suite you for setting up and managing your WiFi, and doing some minor changes. All the complicated things can be done over the PC on your Beacon 3 web UI.

Glad to see that Nokia is actively developing the app and Beacon 3 controls. App is available for Andorid and iOS users.