Nokia Mobile revamped its dedicated Insurance and Warranty page for India


Nokia Mobile Insurance

Nokia has been offering already an extended warranty in the Indian market, but now they have revamped the warranty and insurance dedicated page. On the page, you can log in if you are an existing customer, or check the available insurance plans, prices and your phone’s eligibility, and become a new customer of warranty and insurance. Nokia Mobile is offering one-year insurance that will cover for accidents and liquid damages (price is between ₹549-1869), or one-year screen protection plan for all the screen damages where price ranges between ₹449 and ₹1349. Additionally, Nokia is offering you to extend the warranty for another year which is nice. The price for the warranty extension varies between Rs. 399-1349.

The service in India has been arranged with Servify and it has been running since the Q4 2018.
Anyway, check out the official warranty and extra insurance Nokia webpage for more details. I like the design and everything looks OK on the desktop, but the looks of the page are also designed well for the mobile phone too.

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Nokia Mobile Insurance