Is there a place for Nokia Sleeping Screen on Nokia smartphones?

One of the cool things that Symbian running Nokia smartphones with AMOLED screen had was the Nokia Sleeping Screen. Today we address this feature as “Always On”, and you can still get it on a Nokia phone by turning that option inside the Android settings. But, it isn’t even close to the feature that Nokia introduced a long time ago on smartphones with AMOLED screens. I was browsing through Reddit and stumbled upon an image of the Nokia E7, Nokia N8 posted by Redditor u/ProfSnipe, and instantly went back to 2010.

The screen of the Nokia 808, for example, could display pretty imagery on a locked display, and thanks to the AMOLED technology, the battery wouldn’t be drained a lot since most of the pixels would be inactive. Steve from AAS did a nice article about this feature back in 2013 when he was suggesting Microsoft brings Sleeping Screen to the Lumia lineup. This feature would look cool on Lumia phones.


Anyways, now when Nokia Mobile is again picking some things from the rich Nokia history and making smartphones tougher than ever, I’m wondering if there is a place for the Nokia sleeping screen to come back? To do that, Nokia Mobile would have to announce a device with AMOLED display technology and do a bit of specific software that would give us a piece of Nokia history back.

Well, since the breathing light is out, I’m not optimistic about seeing this feature being brought to life again. What do you think, is there a place for Sleeping Screen on Nokia phones?