Video: How to cast screen content from your Nokia smartphone

Cast from Nokia

Nokia Mobile published on its YouTube channel yet another useful video from how-to series. This time NM is showing how to Chrome cast content from your phone display to the widescreen in your living or other room where you keep your TV. Here Nokia Mobile is promoting Google’s chrome cast dongle, but you can cast the content from your phone to Mi Box or any other TV box or even directly to chrome cast enabled smart TV. Casting is done over Wi-Fi usually since a lot of data is being transferred, especially if you use YouTube in HD as suggested in the video. Hm, another Google service promoted… Seems to me that the connection between Nokia Mobile and Google is super deep. Maybe Google could share some photo and video algorithms to improve the quality of the Nokia Camera app?

Anyway, check the video below. I’ll also put it in the newly created section (just under the Support and Discussion) so you can find them with just a few mouse moves and clicks.


By the way, you can cast the screen content by pressing the cast button in the drop-down menu. If it isn’t there then just add it.

Cheers IA for the tip 😉