Licensing of Nokia brand, patents, and technology now more visible

Nokia corporation, which we used to love because of the great and innovative phones they launched in the past 15 years, has changed a lot. But, the Nokia brand still means connection, passion, emotion, and great design at many people around the world. Nokia is now mostly focused on networking hardware and software, but it is still present in some other businesses thanks to licensing opportunities. When you innovate a lot in the past two decades, you find yourself capable of licensing your technology and brand to others. While I would love to see more Nokia products like Nokia WiFi, BT location tags, and others being produced by Nokia, licensing business is an understandable move for the Finns, since it is easier to gain profit from it, but yet maintain great product quality.
The most known licensing deal Nokia made in the past 5 years is definitely the comeback of the Nokia logo in the phone industry, but other Nokia technologies can be found in BBK smartphones, security cameras, and even in the TV industry.
Nokia made a webpage dedicated to licensing opportunities when you can see how can you license Nokia brand, patents, and technology. While Nokia’s patents are being used by many manufacturers of smartphones and networking equipment, brand and technology licensing are in its beginnings. Nokia brand is now licensed to HMD Global for smartphones, and Flipkart for Smart TVs, while some of its technology is licensed to One Plus and Oppo, whose phones are now able to record great quality sound.

The idea of making a great product yourself, and then later license it to others, is a great business deal, but a bit tricky if you are willing to maintain or develop a community to support those products or brand. But, Nokia is doing it right by requesting from a manufacturer a certain (or high) level of quality and support to earn the right and stick Nokia name on their product.
Do you guys care about who is making Nokia products if Nokia still has some control over the design and manufacturing process?


Check out the licensing details here.