Video: Nokia’s Network Services Platform can be used over Google assistant

Nokia published a nice demo video that shows how easy is to use its NSP or Network Services Platform with Google Assistant and a mobile phone. Nokia’s Network Services Platform provides user automation and programability to deliver services more smartly and quickly. It is almost funny that serious jobs can be done by just giving the voice commands to the digital assistant. Check the short video demo below.

This can be great for a carrier tech and reminds me a bit of Star Trek where the on-board computer of Enterprise or Voyager would perform some elaborated calculations and even deductions by following the generalised instructions of a Star Trek personnel. I’m just worried that in the future we won’t be forced to use our brains a lot when computers or simple smartphone assistants will do all the brains heavy load. Well, to play with this kind of tech you still have to study a lot, for now at least. Are you looking forward to this kind of tech?