Telia demonstrates recognition based biometric authentication payment over 5G network

Lot’s of people liked Tom Cruise’s movie Minority report, and many were shocked by what future tech will bring us. Remember when he was fugitive, and biometric cameras inside the mall were easily recognising him?

Well, that future is here already, and Finnish operator Telia is testing it in front of their HQ.Telia is demonstrating how its 5G network, that was installed by Nokia, can make the face-to-face payment possible. People there will be able to buy ice cream and pay for it without reaching for debit or credit card, or even cash. To make this futuristic payment possible, customers will have to download the Pivo Face Pay application on their smartphone. In the app, they will have to make the face map of their face, and download the details of the payment card they will use for this app. The next step in the purchase process is choosing the product and approaching to the tablet with a biometric camera system. The system shows the sum and customer can accept it or deny it. If accepted, the sum is charged on registered credit/debit card.

Anyway, this is interesting stuff and seems like fun, the same fun as Google Pay brought on mobile phones. It is nice to see the 5G version of Beacon 3, or Nokia 5G radio and Nokia FastMile 5G Home Gateway, that is providing the payment system with super-fast 5G internet connection. This is just one small example of how 5G is going to change the world and our interaction with it.