Google Camera App available for Nokia 8 (Android Pie)

HMD Global’s Camera application is doing a great job on Nokia phones, especially those where camera hardware is more advanced, like Nokia 7 Plus, Nokia 8, 8 Sirocco and 8.1.
But, when you install Google’s camera app, ported from Pixel phones, then you know the difference between the silver and gold. Google did the perfect job in the enhancement of regular smartphone camera with superb software and processing algorithms. Nokia 8 is a smartphone where HMD first introduced the dual camera setup and launched Bothie feature. The camera didn’t perform well, and it took a lot of time for HMD to completely overhaul its software. Anyway, Pixel’s camera app is now available for Nokia 8, and that will put a smile on many of its owners.
The app is available HERE, and it has approximately 110 MB in size. Unfortunately, we don’t have Nokia 8 to verify how it is working, but some owners are using it without any problems. I don’t know if OIS will work with it, but Google managed to fine-tune its EIS software that makes OIS unnecessary.

We usually don’t advise using ported apps that can eventually damage your phone, but If you decide to install it, and you have Nokia 8 with Android Pie, do tell us how it works and how pictures are turning out.