Video: Use MyPhone app to chat with Nokia mobile support

While having an always present and versatile CPO can be an advantage for Nokia Mobile, even he can’t always answer all of our questions. This is why Nokia Mobile published a video that demos how easy is for you to find a solution for a problem arisen on your Nokia device.

All you need to do is take your phone and start chatting with the Nokia Support team which is available 24/7 in English. It is good to say that you can also chat on your own language but that can be a subject of business hours so to chat in English is the quickest way to ask for help. If you were wondering where you can chat with Nokia Support team, the answer is Nokia Mobile’s MyPhone app. When you find the app, log in and click on support section, you’ll see an option to start Support chat. Do you know that by swiping your finger from left to right you can open a quick menu where the topic headlines are listed?

Check out the video below and tell us how often do you chat with support and what was the craziest question you asked?

The thing I like the most is that Nokia MObile and Nokia are probably sharing the company that makes those promo videos since some look-alike quite a lot. Check out one for Nokia’s WaveSuite Commissioning Expert – A new area of Node Automation. There is a lot of similarities in doodles and colors.