INOI 243 is the first feature phone that runs Sailfish OS *UPDATE*

Russian phone manufacturer INOI launched the first feature phone that runs Sailfish OS. INOI haven’t bragged about it on a product page, but many Russian tech portals confirmed that it is running Sailfish OS version for feature phones. Jolla announced its partnership with INOI back at MWC2018 where it displayed 3 of their smartphones running sailfish right out of the box. We’ll have to wait a bit for the first unboxing and hands-on videos to see how Sailfish is running on it and if Whatsapp can be installed.

INOI 243 is obviously inspired by old Nokia 6700 since its body resembles it completely. It has 2.4-inch screen, 8 MP camera at the back and 1000 mAh battery that is charged over Micro USB. It also has the 3.5 mm headphones jack, which is nice. The price of this phone is 1490 Russian Ruble which is around €21, or incredibly affordable. INOI 243 will be shipped on July 22.

For more info about the phone and availability check the INOI product page.


I know we all hoped to see a Nokia phone that runs Sailfish OS, but this is the closest to that dream we are gonna see for now 🙂

*Update* We still couldn’t confirm that this phone actually runs some kind of Aurora (sailfish) OS for feature phones. We also got some tips that the phone runs just the very basic OS, similar to the one that Nokia feature phones run. Unfortunately, I’ll say that this isn’t the first Sailfish OS feature phone until INOI or Jolla tells otherwise.


Source Suomimobiili