Quick photo comparison between Sony Xperia 1 and Nokia 9 PureView

There is still a debate going on whether Nokia 9 PureView has a capable camera solution or not. Many camera comparisons between 9 PV and today’s popular flagship models of the competition and Nokia 9 PureView would usually beat it in some aspects of the photography, but would also fail in low light. Check this quick camera comparison between Sony Xperia 1 and Nokia 9 PV. Sony created a nice flagship with great camera shooter. Shots were taken inside the mall with challenging light conditions. By watching the shots, Nokia 9 PV did quite well and produced better shots. I downloaded the photos from Twitter so this might not be the best photos to do the comparison, but luckily bobovnikov did downloaded them and did the proper comparison by giving us the full size of the photos.

There are some reviews on the YouTube that point well some minuses of the 9 PV camera, but that all seems like a software problem to me that can be sorted out.



What do you think guys, did 9 PV beat Xperia 1 in this quick camera shootout?