Another software patch for Nokia 9 PureView fingerprint reader is coming

The first under screen fingerprint scanners showed up in 2018, and they were pretty much something revolutionary, but not working so well. Nokia 9 PureView is also a 2018 smartphone that represents a small revolution in the smartphone camera, but its software wasn’t quite ready for the phone to be released then. Nokia 9 PV also came with probably the first commercially available under screen fingerprint readers that weren’t working so well, and now the owners of Nokia 9 PV can unlock their phones with the unregistered fingerprint. That seems convenient, but it doesn’t look or sound so secure. That is why Nokia Mobile has been working hard to address the issue and has released a few software patches to fix it.

According to TechAltar, the issue is still present on his Nokia 9PV, and that made him a bit frustrated. Well, if you are an owner of Nokia’s best smartphone, the frustration is expected.
Anyway, seems that at Nokia Mobile are aware of the problem and Juho Sarvikas stated that the issue manifests at a very narrow sample. Juho also said that the root of the problem has been identified and that the fix is being tested. The owners of the 9 PV with that specific problem can expect a patch to be released shortly.

Nokia Mobile is dedicated to fixing the issue, which is commendable. Maybe the next Nokia 9 PV model will come with more advanced fingerprint reader, or it will be placed in the power button which proved to be a convenient solution also. Let’s hope that this patch is the last one for this issue.