Nokia and Amber formulate battery design with 2.5 times more battery life

Photo: Nokia 6 battery (JRE)

Nokia announced that its research department Nokia Bell Labs and SFI Centre for Advanced Materials and BioEngineering Research – AMBER, formulated new “game-changing” battery design.

The press release states that the new battery tech offers 2.5 times more battery life in the same volume of today’s slim batteries. This new design will benefit IoT devices, powergrids for renewable energy systems, backup systems for networks gear and other devices.

“By packing more energy into a smaller space, this new battery technology will have a profound impact on 5G and the entire networked world,” said Paul King, one of the lead investigators on the project and Member of the Technical Staff, Nokia Bell Labs. “The combination of Nokia Bell Labs industry and device knowledge and AMBER’s materials science expertise allowed us to tackle an extremely difficult problem involving multiple disciplines. Our results were achieved through the deeply collaborative mode in which we work, underscoring the value of engaging with AMBER as part of our global research strategy.”

Amber and Bell Labs also posted a study published in Nature Energy discussing the new battery design. The abstract mentions that the battery cells could have areal capacity of 29mAh/cm². The full study can be found here.

Nokia also mentions in the press release that a patent for this design has been filed. Info about potential commercialisation of this tech is unknown, but probably in the near future we can expect to see it, considering one of the use cases is 5G and right now we are in the year of the 5G rollout start.

Source: Nokia