Nokia Sleep coming in February

Nokia Sleep is latest addition to the nice lineup of Nokia’s health gadgets, and was launched recently at CES2018. Sleep is a continuation on Nokia Aura, and it monitors your sleep, actually all sleep phases and can be connected with smart home gadgets like thermometers and light bulbs. It can even measure your resting heart rate which is cool enough if we know that Sleep is installed under your mattress, so no near your body. The technology behind sleep is not yet fully described in some white paper, but we know that it should hit stores in February.  Sleep will be priced at €99.95 and available trough Nokia store or partnering resellers like Amazon, Harvey Norman, Apple stores and others, depending where you are from. You can check the list here. Even though you won’t be able to check out Sleep at the moment, it will be possible to purchase it over Nokia’s official web store when available, which is nice.

It is interesting to see that all Nokia Health gadgets can be seen with a white Nokia 3. It does look nice in white. Maybe Nokia 6 (2018) in silver could be shown there also.