Nokia setting the foundation for Singapore’s first 5G network *Update*

Update –  unfortunately, the source of this post mislead us to think that Nokia will be developing SP Telecom’s forst 5G network. Kind folks from Nokia pointed out that Nokia is creating fixed network that will be capable of running the 5G network, not actually developing the first 5G network. The correction has been made in the article.

While HMD Global is moving its data storing business out of Singapore, Nokia Networks announced that it is staying there to upgrade SP Telecom networking infrastructure to 5G. This is a huge task since Nokia is going to be setting the foundation for Singapore’s first 5G network. Through the partnership with SP Telco, Nokia will be providing equipment for a fixed network capable of supporting 5G deployment. With this improvement the SP Telco’s network should be operational in 2020 and will enable fixed and 5G carriers to launch cloud-based VPN and 5G network for various customers from the public and private sector.
SP Telecom will be using Nokia’s FP4-based service router, optical transport, cloud software solutions, and other services to develop a dynamic, highly scalable network for Cloud, Ultra-Broadband and IoT services.


Source Smart Energy

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