Nokia accessories on weekend discount in India

When someone buys some brands phone, there is a high chance that the official accessories of that brand will be picked up too by the same person. Sine Nokia Mobile launched the first Nokia smartphone, I was always nagging about how the official accessories are missing from the market or not visible enough to the end buyer. Things have changed a bit for the best in the past year, but it is still hard to buy official Nokia accessories around the world. But, in some markets, it is quite the opposite. In India, for example, you can easily buy the official Nokia accessories online, and the Indian market is not alone there. However, Nokia Mobile is caring a lot for that market, and that is why it created a great offer for Nokia aficionados and all the people in India that would like to try some Nokia branded accessories. All the Nokia accessories in the official shop are available on a discount of up to 30% till Monday. Now you can get the exquisite Nokia True Wireless Earbuds for 6,999 INR (€89) instead of 9,999 INR (€127).

The price of all the audio accessories in the store is lowered, but you can save up some money on Nokia 1 Xpress-On covers or car chargers too. Check out the offer on Nokia pages.

Thanks Nokiamob lover for the tip 😉