Rumor: The price of Nokia 6.2 in India to be 18999 INR

Even though we still can’t be 100% sure what is going to be announced on June 6 at the #GetAhead event in India, many clues point to Nokia 6.2. The prematurely launched Nokia Mobile’s Google Ad campaign in India also suggests that Nokia 6.2 is coming and at a very well thought price.

According to the Ad, the price of Nokia 6.2 is going to be set at 18999 INR, which is near €245. This price is around €10 lower than the possible price of 6.2 in Russia. We couldn’t recreate the exact Google search query to get the ad (maybe because of our location), so if you find similar things, do leave a comment below.

Anyway, the new Nokia 6 should keep its price after two years which is good. Now I just hope that the hardware is going to be nicely configured, with capable processor unit and good camera software. In the end, if everything sits at its right place, Nokia 6.2 might turn out to be the best selling smartphone of Nokia Mobile once again. The ad also mentions Night Mode, so it will be interesting to see Nokia Mobile’s implementation of that popular feature.

Thanks Nokiamob lover for the tip ;). By the way, cool nick!