Rumor: Nokia 6.2 is different than Nokia X71

Many of us probably thought that Nokia X71 is going to be the next version of Nokia 6 since we didn’t see Nokia’s best selling smartphone at the MWC2019. Nokia X71 seems like a decent phone for the price, but there is one thing bothering me regarding this model. It is the outdated processor Snapdragon 660 even though the processor specs are great enough to power well the Nokia 7 Plus and many other phones. The date tag on that processor is May 2017, and placing a two-year-old tech in a new smartphone doesn’t look good, especially when there is a newer processor available (e.g. Snapdragon 670). I know that it takes time to produce a smartphone from scratch, sometimes over a year, but so does Qualcomm with its processor and manufacturer can count on newer processors for its next smartphones. Anyway, the announcement of Nokia 6.2 has been moved almost 5 months now and that tells me that Nokia X71 might be completely different than the next Nokia 6.

Russian Nokia anew just confirmed that in its recent tweet. He didn’t reveal the specs of the phone, but since it will most probably have a powerful camera with zoom and improved night mode, the processor should be powerful enough to run that.

What would be your ideal specs of Nokia 6.2? Do tell and we’ll see if Nokia Mobile managed to recognize the wishes of its fanbase and users :).